Everything About You

Måndag 2 September 2013
Tags: NSA, surveillance, terrorism, USA

Everything About You - with the US government as world police and executioner

Also available in pdf format: (22 pages, English)

Why read this short bookticle?

First, a book is longer than this, and an article is shorter. So I call it a bookticle.

Read about one page, and judge for yourself.

Concerned about the NSA scandal? You have nothing to hide? Either way, knowing is better than not knowing. That is reason enough.

But if you want to really know why, here it is.

Sources of sensitive information to the free press are always known to the NSA. Lately we've seen the government demanding The Guardian destroy or return all documents leaked by Edward Snowden. The US have appointed themselves world police and executioner, and effectively abandoned the legal rights for the accused to defend him- or herself. In reality this means that all sources of sensitive information will be considered a threat to the US, a potential terrorist if you will, a threat to national security. It has become obvious that the NSA has control over every information transaction on the Internet, and the sources of sensitive information are using these channels to communicate.

Around the world journalists are threatened by the US government. Hand over or destroy all sensitive information or...

On the other hand, security specialists are pointing out how sources of such information should act in order to be safe. Let me put it simple – there is no way. Anything else is a lie. Imagine a vast majority of people believing these tips on being anonymous, feeling safe and so on. Then imagine it's all empty promises. Empty words. Complete lies.

Perhaps you still say “I have nothing to hide”? Well, I this bookticle will show that not only informants with sensitive information are affected by the fact that privacy is dead. We all are. And we are all considered potential terrorists.

I will show you just how that is.

Nothing is safe

As I am writing this bookticle, I am going through tons of information from hackers, newspapers, security specialists, government information, political views and so on. I find that most say that there are ways to be safe from the NSA. But then there is this growing group of hackers and security specialists emerging, saying that this is simply not true.

It's becoming more and more clear that there are too many factors controlled by the NSA in our everyday life. Your phone contains an advanced keylogger (Carrier IQ), that makes it possible to view your every keystroke. Live! Your computer has an Intel Sandy Bridge processor (e.g. Intel i3, i5, i7 etc), that has built in features that enables the NSA to control and get hold of your data and/or hardware. On a hardware level, the NSA has control of devices used by us all on an everyday basis.

Further more, the NSA has constructed security features for the web, rendering all secure transportation of data over the Internet an open book for the NSA. The same goes for operating system security. Built by the NSA, and used in every known commercial or open source operating system in the world.

These are not just empty words. It is common sense. I will walk you through this, and I will not say I am right, I will ask you what you think is more reasonable. What makes sense. You be the judge.

As Google chairman Eric Schmidt said

If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.”

In fact, everything we do may be “red flagged” for any to us unknown reason, meaning that we may face consequences for our actions, even if our intention is not at all the one concluded by the NSA. Think about that. What could be interpreted from what you say or do, by a computer system that does not know you? A computer doesn't know irony. It can't tell a joke from a threat.

But it can judge you without a trial.

You are not safe. You do have something to hide, even if you are the most law-abiding citizen, even if you only bake cookies and don't construct pipe bombs. You do have information that you don't want anyone to read, and the information you have might be misinterpreted at any given moment, by algorithms in a computer.

Think about it. Does Google always give you the answer that you're looking for, or does it sometimes misinterpret your search? Well, is it reasonable to believe that this could never affect you? Is it reasonable to think that NSA algorithms are always right? Is it reasonable to believe you're safe, in a world where these computers are in control?

In my humble opinion, thinking you're safe, saying you have nothing to hide, asking “Why would the NSA be interested in me?”. Those are serious mistakes. In my humble opinion, you are not safe. I call it common sense, and I will attempt to show you why.

Your privacy – a fiction of your imagination

Has there ever really been such a thing as privacy? Think about it. The scale of control is at another level today, but hasn't it always been like this? Opinions registered, and “judged” by a higher power? For instance, if you were a black man living in the US about 237 years ago, you would be sold as a slave, you'd be considered of a lower intelligence and only fit to do the hard work the white man was too lazy to do himself. At the same time the closest thing to a government was celebrating the Declaration of Independence. Ironic, don't you think? Back then, the color of your skin was enough to “judge” you, to label you. What does it take today?

Today, if you are of the wrong political views, this may well be a good reason for the government to keep an eye on you. For example, you sign the petition to pardon Bradley Manning, or you blog about it saying that even the US should be held accountable for their wrong doings in Iraq, showed by the movie “Collateral Murder”, defending Bradley Manning's leaking of the movie to Wikileaks. You are, by definition, a threat to national security, if you manage to distribute such opinions widely, and you are definitely not “on the right team” so to speak.

This makes you a “person of interest”.

So again, what is the reasonable conclusion here? Are you safe? Are you free? Do you have your constitutional rights? Your human rights?

Perhaps you're not a person of interest, in your own view. But does that mean that the government has the same opinion? Does that mean that an electronic system will come to the same conclusion, after analyzing every word you ever typed or said?

Your privacy is just a false memory, a fiction of your imagination, that never really existed. An indoctrinated view of life, that has been told to you so many times that you somewhere down the line started to believe. They called it democracy, they called it freedom of speech, they called it human rights, and they called it constitutional rights. The truth? You've been lied to. Big time.

I will show more examples of how this is not something new, but a repeated fact throughout history of man kind. But first, what is happening here and now?

The NSA scandal, June 2013

The Guardian published an article on June 5, that seemed to upset a lot of people around the world. Politicians and citizens. It was like a bomb had dropped. But very few seem to have realized what the fuzz was all about.

Edward Snowden, an employee of defense contractor Booz Allen Hamilton at the National Security Agency, leaked documents to The Guardian and The Washington Post, showing that everything you say and do on the Internet, is documented by the American government, in huge facilities in Bluffdale, Utah, starting with documents showing that the US government had forced the telecoms giant Verizon to hand over the phone records of millions of Americans.

Next, the secret program PRISM was revealed by The Guardian, through what looked like a PowerPoint presentation, containing Google, Facebook, Apple and other tech giants logotypes, describing how to retrieve data from these companies. A few days later, Edward Snowden goes public, explaining why he leaked these top secret documents. He says he simply couldn't keep these terrible secrets from the public any longer.

The full timeline may be found here:

Tech companies denied it. Google CEO, Larry Page, even wrote a blog post with the headline “What the…?”, stating he had no idea what so ever, as to what this PRISM program was, and that Google in no way gave direct access to user data to the government. That all changed quite quickly, as The Guardian kept revealing new facts on tech giants handing over data to the American government.

President Obama also denied it all, as if hoping this would all just be a bad dream. But it was not. It was the ugly face of reality. True nightmare, but very real indeed.

In fact, every tech company, and many government officials denied everything. They kept saying “This is simply not true” and “You need to see the bigger picture here”. Soon, after a quick try at diminishing Edward Snowden, they said “Well, it is true, but we have to do this, and you don't have all the facts to understand why”. The old talk about national security, bringing down terrorists, preventing terrorist attacks and so on, became the new way of defending the government's way of spying on us all. In other words, we are now all potential terrorists.

Remember, before Barack Obama was elected president, he said that terrorism needs to be fought, but not at the cost of privacy of innocent people. That was not necessary, he said.

Well, president Obama seems to have changed his mind.

You said “I agree”

The fact that you're actually allowing all this, through complex terms and conditions from Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, Microsoft and other producers of products and services you use on a daily basis, is something we tend not to think about. For example, did you know that Google's terms and conditions say

We may collect device-specific information (such as your hardware model, operating system version, unique device identifiers, and mobile network information including phone number). Google may associate your device identifiers or phone number with your Google Account.”

It also says:

We will share personal information with companies, organizations or individuals outside of Google if we have a good-faith belief that access, use, preservation or disclosure of the information is reasonably necessary to:

  • meet any applicable law, regulation, legal process or enforceable governmental request.

  • enforce applicable Terms of Service, including investigation of potential violations.

  • detect, prevent, or otherwise address fraud, security or technical issues.

  • protect against harm to the rights, property or safety of Google, our users or the public as required or permitted by law.”

Remember that specific word above. Look for it! Prevent . Yes, get the first one of the same sentence as well. Detect . Think about them. Detect and prevent. How do we make that possible, if not through registering every piece of data there is?

Let's stop and think for a while. People are upset that Google provides the NSA with sensitive user data? We all agreed that this was ok, right?

Well, none of us read it. That's right! We just clicked “I agree”, in order to start using our new iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S4, or whatever smartphone we happen to have bought.

But are Google really to be blamed for our ignorance? Again, what is the reasonable answer to that question?

Still, Google say they live by the motto “Don't be evil”, and they have been doing a good job of making us think that we're safe. That just doesn't seem very truthful, does it?

Either way, Google does provide the NSA with data, and so does every other service you signed up to use. They all have to, since American laws say so, and no matter where in the world you are, you are using American services on American ground. After 9/11 there are no limits at all to what information the American government may collect. In fact, every phone call, every SMS, every MMS, every email, every chat message, every web search etc etc is saved by the American government, in their hunt for terrorists.

Take a moment. Remember what Google chairman Eric Schmidt said in the quote I mentioned?

Are you a terrorist?

How do you feel about the fact that in the eyes of the American government, we are all potential terrorists?

This crazy gathering of every little thing we do, is simply because governments have gone completely paranoid. Everyone is a potential terrorist. For example, you write on Facebook that you're going to the store to get some acetone to remove nail-polish, hydrogen peroxide to get the laundry really white, muriatic acid for some heavy cleaning, a box of nails and some water pipes for the new bathroom. Well, then you might as well be building a pipe bomb.

You see, what you do might actually be misinterpreted. There are examples of the FBI banging on doors when people go for groceries for baking a cake, or write a tweet saying “Let's go destroy America! x” (meaning, let's go party wild and crazy in America). From the movie “Terms and Conditions May Apply”

Terms and Conditions May Apply – a scary movie

Didn't see the movie “Terms and Conditions May Apply”? Well, it's time you do! Because the movie company does not want to sell it (as it seems), I can't say where to find it. So, Google it, search YouTube or something. Just remember, it may be a violation of law (copyright infringement) to watch it if you find it, depending on where you are. And it may make you a “person of interest”.

This movie actually shows how the information gathered about us could be used, and is used. It also shows us how a tweet or a Facebook status update can get you company from the FBI. Sadly, it shows us how wrong we all were to say “I agree”.

I will not repeat all said in the movie “Terms and Conditions May Apply”. Just see the movie instead.

Dealing with terrorists the American way

The US appointed themselves world police and executioner. That's right, no court needed when it comes to terrorists. Just find the suspected terrorist and execute him or her.

The drones fly high above the ground, unnoticed by the unknowing “supposed terrorist” on the ground. Seconds later life ends for that suspected terrorist. It's not necessarily the military conducting the kill. It might as well be a private contractor.

Like a computer game, a flight simulator, people sit inside special containers, with computer screens showing what is in the eye of the drone, controlling the aircraft from thousands of miles away. Out of harm's way. Out of face to face contact with the person to be executed or the target to be destroyed.

For a country with a law system where you are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, that is kind of strange, don't you think?

Still it happens all the time. Report after report shows how these executions take place all over the world, on an increasingly large scale. How do you feel about that?

The American way

The United States of America is 237 years old. 13 colonies issued the Declaration of Independence July 4, 1776. But what is the true story behind the United States of America?

In many ways, American history is repeating itself at a rapid pace. In 1492, when Columbus “discovered the new world”, native Americans had already been there for about 11 thousand years. The way the new settlers acted, is commonly seen today, but the geographical settings have changed.

Back in the 15:th century they slaughtered native Americans to get what they wanted. Today the US has expanded their views of what is rightfully theirs. We now see Americans invading Iraq, creating democracies where they see fit, extracting natural resources to satisfy their own needs and so on. This seems to be what is really the American way. Killing everything and everyone that stands in the way. It is justified by words like patriotism, national security, and democracy. Again, what does common sense say about this?

From this perspective it is not very strange to see that the US has appointed themselves world police and executioner. It is not strange that they missed out on the court part, where the accused are supposed to get the opportunity to defend themselves. Nowhere in the American history is it to be found, that individuals or societies that stand in the way of the almighty USA should have any rights. The US effectively bypass UN resolutions on human rights, constitutional rights of their own citizens and by threat or bribe they have other governments comply to their way.

Perhaps you find this offensive, if you are an American yourself? Well, I do not intend to say that every American citizen lives by this code. This is simply an outsider's view on how US government (or leaders of the US in some form in the early days) have been acting throughout American history.

It is necessary to point out these obvious flaws in the view on human rights, in order to get back on track and have a look at what is actually happening today. Perhaps I will get visited by a drone for publishing this bookticle? Who knows.

The NSA - the master mind behind it all

Back to the present. Why do I suggest that American history repeats itself, and where are the signs of that being true?

We all use computers, right? Well, most of us anyway. We use them for playing, communicating, reading the news, surfing the web, paying our bills, checking for flights, train tickets, or perhaps for writing bookticles like this one.

In fact, we use computers to do so many things today, that I could probably make a book out of just naming them all. But I won't. The important thing is that we realize that we use computers for a lot of purposes today. In some cases we use computers for quite sensitive information, such as handling our bank accounts, paying our bills and so on.

In these cases, we rely on our bank services to be safe. And of course they are, right?

HTTPS – You're safe now

Lately there's been a lot of talk about HTTPS. Google, for instance, has spent a huge amount of time and money on making us understand how great a difference in security it is that they now have Google search in HTTPS, and they've also recommended using their 2-step verification for logging in to Google services, to further secure our privacy and minimize the risk of unauthorized use of our Google accounts.

Well, we need to stop and look at what HTTPS really is. Is it really safe? It's used by banks, authorities, government systems, security services and so on. But is it all just fake?

The NSA and web security

Don't worry, I won't get into details about the tech stuff, just bear with me for a minute.

HTTPS is short for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. It uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to ensure that what we type in forms and such, is transported encrypted, and not in plain text, as is done in HTTP (without the S at the end).

SSL in turn uses a cryptographic algorithm called SHA. Secure Hash Algorithm. Seems a bit to technical? Well, don't worry. I am not going to explain what they are. I am just going to point out an obvious flaw in these technologies.

Guess who built SHA?

That's correct. NSA is the organization behind SHA. So, every “secure” service on the Internet is using the NSA cryptographic algorithms to encrypt the information we need to be safe. Further more, SSL (including Open SSL) is the only way of securing transportation of data over HTTP(S) (the method for all web surfing, in plain English).

Now, this is where many experts say I put on my tinfoil hat. Again, you be the judge.

Would it be reasonable to say that the NSA would build cryptographic algorithms that they themselves can't break and give them to us?

I think not. The NSA is the world's largest spying organization. Why would they build encryption algorithms that makes it impossible for them to read the information, other than making it for their own use (so that we can not read their information )?

What do you think? Does the NSA have the means to read what we transport through HTTPS in plain text, or will it require super computers to “hack” such information for days, weeks, months, perhaps even years, in order for the NSA to actually see what data we're transporting?

If you're still reading, I don't think I need to say which I find the reasonable answer to that question.

This all seems a bit like hiring the burglar to change the locks on your door, right?

The NSA and computer security

The NSA has control over HTTPS, via SHA in SSL. In the same way they control TLS (Transport Layer Security), which in simple terms is the equivalent to SSL for secure email transportation.

But that's not all. In Windows there are verified NSA keys, in security sections of Microsoft Windows, since Windows 95. Today there are new reports from security experts saying we should avoid using Windows 8, since this seems to be an even bigger issue than before.

So, I'll just go ahead and buy a Mac then, right?

Well, not so fast. OS X derives from the Unix operating system BSD. And the NSA built security modules for that as well.

Linux then? That's open source. It would be impossible for the NSA to hide code in that, since so many can see it, right?

Well, I would have hoped so, but for several years there has been security modules in Linux as well, called SELinux. Security Enhanced Linux. Built by... Yes, you guessed it!

Some Linux distributions, like Ubuntu, uses AppArmor, instead of SELinux, but SELinux is still in the kernel. The very core of the Linux operating system. Linus Torvalds, the inventor of Linux, had a really hard time accepting SELinux into its core, but eventually was persuaded. I can't help wondering why.

So, the main question at hand here. Is it reasonable to say that the NSA builds security modules for every existing computer operating system, just to make the systems very secure, or is it more reasonable to think that they have another agenda?

Again, a burglar changing my locks comes to mind.

In simple terms, the NSA has built the very core of what is used to make data transporting secure. At the same time, they built security modules, embedded in every major PC/Mac/Unix operating system in the world.

Now, is my tinfoil hat on, or am I the only one left with some common sense here?

Further more, the hardware of your computer is changing rapidly. New processors, new hard drives, more and faster memory and so on. Today's processors, such as Intel Sandy Bridge (i3, i5, i7 etc) actually contains equipment that makes them possible to control over the network. Remember, that network that is supposed to be safe when we use secure protocols. Well, what are your thoughts on this? Is it safe?

Personally I am beginning to wonder if I really got the whole set of keys, or if the burglar kept one?

Who can secure your data?

A major question here is who can actually ensure your data is safe?

Since all secure communication on the web is handled by HTTPS, there simply is no way of making data secure from being spied on by the NSA and other government agencies around the world. They control it all. Every text string that is sent through open or secure protocols. It simply doesn't matter which technology we use. Sorry, but according to common sense that seems to be the only logical conclusion, in my humble opinion. What is yours?

The line of companies stating that they are building “NSA-secure” systems for our data storage (cloud services), email, and secure web surfing, is getting longer by the hour. They all tell us about advanced encryption, and how they have found ways to secure our data from ever getting in the hands of the NSA. How could that be possible if no laws apply, but the ones giving the NSA the power and the right to retrieve any data, from any company, at any time, through a secret court order, that may not be viewed by anyone but the court itself and the NSA? And how is that possible, when the NSA actually built the encryption that these companies are talking about?

TOR Network – anonymously surf the web

Anonymous through TOR – think again.

The TOR Network is, simply put, a proxy network. Its intention is to route all your requests through different proxy servers, so that a trace will show their server instead of your IP address, as the one requesting the information. On august 5, different newspapers reported that malware, in form of a JavaScript extracting information on TOR users, was planted in the network. The Washington Post says

The malware looked up users’ MAC addresses and Windows hostnames, then relayed it to a server in Virginia outside of the Tor network — revealing the users’ real IP addresses.”

It is suspected that the FBI is responsible for this malware, and for several reasons that seems rather likely. The Washington Post says

The Wall Street Journal reported last week that the FBI was deploying spyware capable of remotely activating the microphones of Android devices. And documents disclosed in 2011 show that the FBI was using programs that gather Internet addresses and programs running among other data since at least 2005.

Read the full story here:

Is it reasonable to believe that you have nothing to hide? Really?

What about laws and our human rights then?

We have rights, right? The law says we have a right to our opinion, our right to free speech, our right to not being registered for our opinions and so on. We even have human rights through resolutions in the United Nations. But what if these laws and resolutions are totally meaningless?

In the US, after 9/11, president Bush announced that he had authorized the NSA (National Security Agency) to retrieve all information, by any means, in order to prevent terrorists from being a threat to the United States. Phone calls, emails, web searches, GPS positions and so on. Everything was to be registered, in order to stop the terrorists.

What he didn't say, is that you are a potential terrorist. That I am a potential terrorist.

Further more, he did not say what “terrorist” really means, in the US government's way of seeing it.

I would probably be considered a terrorist, or at least a “person of interest”, for writing this bookticle, since it is telling a story of a world ruled by secrecy and unlawful spying on innocent citizens like you and me, government justifying the killing of people around the world without a trial and so on. I put words on what is happening behind our backs. I publish what I consider the most likely picture of what is really happening here. That, my friend, might be considered a threat to national security, which seems to be the way the US government chooses to define the word terrorism.

An opinion that is in conflict with the American government way of seeing it. That is all it takes, to become “a person of interest” to the American government and considered a potential threat.

So, in the real world, do we have the right to free speech? Do we have the right to our personal opinion, and do we have the right to not being registered for our opinions? Again, you be the judge of that. I guess you know my opinion on the matter.

In fact, what president George W. Bush actually did, was create laws that set constitution, laws and international resolutions on human rights aside. He simply set up a new set of rules for the US government, that rendered all other laws, including international UN resolutions meaningless. He called these new rules PSP (President’s Surveillance Program) and the Patriot Act. That was in October 2001. Since then, president Obama has made things worse, although he promised to uphold the people's privacy and catch terrorists without it being at the cost of privacy. He didn't keep that promise. We do not have the right to free speech, free opinions and the right not to be treated as terrorists without reasonable ground for suspicion. No laws apply.

Carrier IQ – every keystroke you ever made

Now, here's some nasty facts for you. Every keystroke on our phone or tablet is registered through an pre-installed app called Carrier IQ, which to our best knowledge is installed in over 150 million mobile devices around the world. So, in fact, the US government actually knows every keystroke you make on your new, shiny iPhone. Even when you misspell and erase, to correct it. That is, your passwords to the banking app, your Facebook password, your Google password, your private text messages, email, GPS positions, your locally stored files etc etc.

It would seem they don't even need the supposed back doors to HTTPS and such, since they now have a complete live set of keystrokes to look at. But then again, combined these factors give the authorities complete control of you and your data.

Everything about you, in the eyes of the government.

The big question. Who's in on it?

We really need to stop and think, what are the reasonable answers to these questions? What is common sense? Are we to be called paranoid and ignorant, tinfoil hat wearing idiots for asking?

What do you think?

Meet William Binney, who built the spying system

William Edward Binney is a former NSA employee, that has been working for the agency for 30 years on producing the systems to spy on us.

From the very beginning William Binney was concerned with privacy issues, and in the system he built, called “Thin Thread”, that was taken care of. But his system was never really used. Instead the NSA built another system, “Trailblazer Project”, much like the one William Binney and his colleagues built, but without the privacy issues in mind. A system that simply collects all data, completely without regard to privacy issues.

William Binney left the NSA due to the agency's view on privacy, and probably also due to the NSA seeing him as a potential security risk. His work with the NSA ended in 2001. Yes, that is the year of 9/11. In his own words:

I resigned from the NSA in late 2001. I could not stay after the NSA began purposefully violating the Constitution.”

William Binney tells a story of the NSA spying on everyone. Both American citizens and foreign ones. And he has the proof to show.

Again, what is the reasonable conclusion here? Am I wearing a tinfoil hat? Are you?

In a sworn statement from William Binney, it is shown that American telecom companies (AT&T) actually installed something called a “splitter”, which is described as a device that splits communication in two copies, sends one copy to its original address, and the other one to the NSA.

Care to read William Binney's sworn statement, you may find it here:

Whistleblowers are terrorists

Perhaps you've read about Bradley Manning, who leaked top secret documents on what he felt was necessary for the public to know, about actions of the US in Iraq. Many of us saw the movie “ Collateral Murder ” and even though we all knew that the Iraq war was not a pretty story, many of us was shocked by the cruelty, and the lack of respect for human rights.

For the record, I want to say that Bradley Manning also leaked documents revealing geographical positions of US soldiers, which in my opinion is actually something that should be considered a threat to the safety of those soldiers, and might actually be called treason. Many seem to have forgotten, or perhaps do not know, that these documents were also part of what Bradley Manning leaked to Wikileaks. I find that equally wrong to ignore, as it is to ignore the US government way of treating Bradley Manning.

Bradley Manning is a traitor, but also an individual standing up for human rights. The US government's view on the issue is of course that he is simply a traitor and perhaps a terrorist. His human rights have been effectively set aside for three years, while he was imprisoned for his crimes, without a trial. Now, three years later, he has finally gotten his trial, and has been sentenced to 35 years in prison. Bradley Manning is perhaps to be considered lucky, since many others never got a trail. They were just eliminated without a trial, somewhere in the world, by a joystick-controlled drone.

I was actually surprised that Bradley Manning didn't get a longer sentence.

But the question at hand here is how it is possible for the US government to keep a person imprisoned for three years without a fair trial. It would seem that the US government does not comply to any laws or human rights resolutions what so ever, in the case of handling a person accused of (but not convicted of) treason or terrorism. I realize that such crimes are extreme, but aren't the US government's way of handling a suspect of such crimes even worse? Crimes of war? The US condemns other nations for doing the same. How are their own actions different?

What is the reasonable answer?

Above all, the question of the US government labeling suspects terrorists seem to be a way of setting all laws, and all moral aside. And nobody seems to mind? No other states in the world stand up for the accused, demanding they have their humans rights. Nothing but empty silence. So again, who's in on it?

I can't help thinking what the definition of me is, when publishing this. Terrorist? Freedom activist? Harmless jerk with a tinfoil hat? I don't know. I haven't revealed any information not already known to the public, so I am unlikely a terrorist, but I may be an “enemy of the state”, a “person of interest”.

Either way, my sole purpose of writing this is that I want ordinary people to open up their eyes, stop hiding behind words like “I have nothing to hide”, and start asking questions on what democracy really is in 2013. Freedom? Human rights? In my humble opinion it does not seem like ingredients in the mess at hand. Do you?

We have to learn from history!

Lately there's been a lot of talk about PRISM being the wet dream of Stasi, and NSA being worse than the Gestapo in every imaginable way. I agree. This is true.

What puzzles me is that so many people are surprised or simply don't care. Why didn't we see this coming? How is it possible for us to be so blind? It has been going on since the very birth of the Internet. It is not something new. It's old news really. And how can we not care about this?

Perhaps people don't care? Perhaps people are willing to accept that all this is happening, happily living their lives, ignoring the fact that more and more people are being hunted and prosecuted by this digital, US, almighty world police and executioner?

Well, it's time to wake up and smell the coffee. Tomorrow you are the hunted. Perhaps for sharing this little bookticle, perhaps for copyright infringement after sharing your friends new profile picture on Facebook (a picture that does not belong to your friend at all), perhaps for downloading the movie “Terms and Conditions May Apply”, or perhaps for buying groceries for baking a cake or cleaning the house?

What is the reasonable way of looking at this? Ultimately, only you can be the judge of that.

My last question, and perhaps the most interesting one.

Is the United States of America in fact the world's largest terrorist organization, all according to their own definition of the word terrorist?

After all, they are killing people and destroying countries around the world, simply because they find it fit, according to their own way of life. Their cause. Their patriotism.

Are we to find this acceptable and correct, or equal to other terrorist acts?

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För en stund sedan uppdaterade vi sidan på PayPal för ...
Collateral Murder...
Det här inlägget görs i två syften. Dels att sprida f...
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